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Exclusive Online Workshop

Amplifying Leverage

Strategies for Effective Negotiations

Level Up with Christine McKay
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Get 8-bit access to the strategies of an Expert Business Negotiator to:

  • Transform Your Approach

  • Elevate Your Deals

  • Drive Success

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     Christine McKay's proven techniques have generated over a billion dollars in client value.


    What People Are Saying about us!

    I’m glad you showed me how to ask for more. Thank you for all of your advice! I feel like a super-empowered badass!

    Owner, Fashion Retail

    I highly recommend learning from Christine McKay and Venn Negotiation. It will change how I approach all of my deals in the future!

    Owner, Healthcare placement

    Through Venn's informative discussions and simulated negotiations, I was able to learn and practice my skills without fear of damaging my business or reputation in any way. 

    CMO, Consulting Firm


    Amplifying Leverage IS THE RIGHT CHOICE IF your negotiations: 

    • Drain Time and Energy:

    • Are prolonged negotiations draining your resources? Each minute spent without resolution is a minute wasted.

    • Lose Value:

    • Consider the hidden costs. How much potential profit disappears with each subpar deal you sign?

    • Risk Status Quo:

    • Stagnation in negotiation skills can mean getting left behind in a market that rewards the savvy and informed.

    • Feel Like Defeats:

    • It's not about losing; it's about not knowing how. Are your clients and suppliers outmaneuvering you, silently eroding your bottom line?

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How is this workshop different from other virtual events?

    This event uses Gather.Town's 8-bit interactive conference space to make this virtual workshop feel more connected. It is a game changer for virtual interactions.

    Will there be opportunities for networking?

    This workshop is an excellent opportunity to connect with your fellow participants as you participate in discussions, case studies, and in decompression time. 

    Who should attend the Amplifying Leverage Seminar?

    This seminar is designed for professionals at all levels who want to improve their negotiation skills. Whether you're a business owner, manager, sales professional, or someone looking to enhance your personal negotiation capabilities, you'll find valuable insights and strategies in this seminar.

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    How can I register for Amplifying Leverage?

    Registration for one of the limited 50 spots opens on our website on May 20th and closes on Memorial Day, May 27th. The event is $2449, with a 20% discount for the first 20 registrants!

    How can we get more info on Amplifying Leverage?

    When you sign up to receive our FREE 5 Ways to Level Up poster, you will be added to our email list for Amplifying Leverage to get more information and exclusive discount codes!

    There are other negotiation workshops, why this one?

    Most negotiation workshops that you find are led by academics, lawyers, or hostage negotiators who have little practical experience negotiating aspects of business risk in a deal. Christine is an expert business negotiator who works constantly to improve our client's deals and business relationships while mitigating business risk.

    You Will Get:

  • Exclusive insights from a top-tier business negotiator

  • Live simulations for skill enhancement

  • Interactive and immersive 8-bit virtual conference environment

  • Immediatly actionable negotiation techniques

  • Access to a like-minded professionals’ community

  • Understanding of where you have leverage, even when you don't think you do.

  • About Your Instructor

    Christine McKay , CEO

    With over 25 years of negotiation success, Christine McKay is a distinguished expert in the art of business negotiation. Her real-world expertise is proven through impactful deals with major corporations like HSBC and Verizon. Beyond negotiating, Christine excels in translating her extensive experience into practical knowledge for learners. She has lectured across top-tier institutions, including Harvard Business School and Cornell University. Join her for insights that elevate your negotiation skills to a global standard.

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